The G.A.I.A Co-op


The G.A.I.A Co-op (Global Association of Indigenous Artisans) is a charitable project by the Legacy Children’s Foundation Alberta.  The “driving force” behind The G.A.I.A Co-op, is to introduce Indigenous artists to the possibilities that are available to them and to help create strategies that will assist them in overcoming the numerous obstacles that they have been forced to confront in this day and age. We offer free membership to indigenous artists on our commerce website, free advertising and many other opportunities to help establish artists’ presence and boost sales and awareness. All earnings through sales through our efforts go directly back to the artists.


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Ultimately, we hope to assist indigenous communities in being able to create their own, home grown arts focused cooperatives where local community members will find employment in the many functions related to a co-operative. Activities not only limited to the creation of art, but also  activities such as marketing, sales, bringing the products to market, tracking, recruiting local artists and volunteers/ mentors from local community, teaching and aiding in an online presence to generate much needed revenues and attention, which will be the focus of our and each co-operatives’ efforts. Our desire is that such co-operatives would not only help alleviate indigenous poverty and inequality, but also serve as culture preserving engines for each indigenous locality involved.



G.A.I.A Co-op’s involvement with The Wirikuta Preservation Project and the Wixarika


The G.A.I.A Co-op has recently begun to collaborate with The Wirikuta Preservation Project,,  a group working in Mexico with the Wixarika nation to help preserve their sacred lands of the Wirikuta, their sacred medicines, and their cultural way of life.

Currently, they aim to raise $200,000 to purchase 500 acres of land

in the desert of Mexico near San Luis Potosi on behalf of the Wixarika nation. This area is a World

Heritage Site declared by UNESCO and is under threat by mining

companies and tomato plantations.

In our collaboration with the Wirikuta Preservation Project we have given them the same free membership to our website and services as we do all other indigenous artists. Our Web-page hosts a gallery of their amazing artwork, complete with their mission statement and ability to connect directly with them to make purchases of their traditional art to help them reach their goal.

In our most recent collaboration with The Wirikuta Preservation Project we have offered to fund  their travels from Mexico to the Spirit Plant Medicine Conference with their artists, elders, healers & art.

It is our hopes that this conference will be found very beneficial and lucrative an opportunity for the The Wixarika nation and that their important message will be heard by all those who attend, and that the justice they seek for their cultural way of life will be  found by peaceful and civilized means which is their earnest desire. All sales of their art during the conference will be used to help reach their $200,000 goal in order to purchase the 500 acres they seek to preserve.


Wixarika Ceremony & Healing Sessions

November 7, 2022


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