Yalila-resizedYalila Espinoza is a spiritual health practitioner and intimacy coach who integrates art, music, dream-work, ancestral ritual and sacred plant teachings. She received a PhD and Spiritual Counseling training from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, and she is a registered Social Worker in British Columbia, Canada.

Yalila’s private practice is based in Vancouver, BC & Oakland, CA, however, she connects with clients virtually around North America. Individual counseling sessions, Spiritual-Erotic Awakening groups, and sexual initiation programs are offered following Yalila’s 7 step SEA model.

Her forthcoming book titled: ‘In The Belly of the Serpent: Sensual Wholeness with Plant Consciousness’ focuses on how the purification and guidance of plant teachers are vital for sexual/spiritual health and liberation.

Yalila will soon be educating communities through free tele summit about sexual initiations and entheogens. Read more about Yalila’s plans at www.sexualinitiation.com.