Ismail Lourido Ali, JD (he/him or they/them) has been personally utilizing psychedelics and other substances in celebratory and spiritual contexts for over fifteen years, and has been actively participating in the drug policy reform movement for a decade. Ismail is the Director of Policy & Advocacy at the Multidisciplinary Association of Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) and serves on the Board of Directors for Alchemy Community Therapy Center (formerly Sage Institute) in the California Bay Area. Ismail advises, is formally affiliated with, or has served in leadership roles for numerous organizations in the drug policy reform ecosystem, including Students for Sensible Drug Policy, Chacruna Institute, and the Ayahuasca Defense Fund. Ismail is also a co-founder of the Psychedelic Bar Association.

“A Full-Spectrum Psychedelic Policy Paradigm: Establishing Continuity, Reconciling Tensions, and Seeking Harmonization”

The psychedelic policy reform landscape has entered a new era. In this talk, Ismail will delve into the current slate of law and policy proposals and the medical, historical, and  cultural dimensions and tensions that inform and influence different approaches. A case will be made for a holistic approach that balances scientific and community research and knowledge, political and demographic contexts, and practical and ontological ethics to cultivate a harmonious post-prohibition reality.