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Kathleen Harrison Confirmed for Spirit Plant Medicine Conference

After some major arm-wrestling with her extremely demanding schedule, Kathleen Harrison has confirmed that she’ll be coming to the 2015 Spirit Plant Medicine Conference (SPMC) as a presenter. This is very good news. Kathleen spoke at our first two conferences, 2011 and 2012 and was received enthusiastically. Kathleen has over the years become one of […]

Erotic Vines: Tantric Initiations & Plant Teachers for LOVE

In Yalila’s talk you will learn: 1) about her PhD research on how plant teachers can heal sexual trauma and enhance sexual vitality. 2) how your daily experience of sexuality can be expanded when the body is purified and activated. 3) what is possible for relationships when the brilliance of your mind is aligned with […]

Dancing the Liminal Ridge with Dr. Bruce Damer

“Dancing the Liminal Ridge” is Dr. Bruce Damer’s chosen title for his presentation at the 2015 Spirit Plant Medicine Conference (SPMC), Oct. 24 and 25 at UBC in Vancouver BC. We really are extremely fortunate to have Bruce—or Dr. Bruce as some of his co-workers have dubbed him—as a presenter this year. Dr. Bruce is […]

Bursary Offering for Visual Artists

Conscious Living Network is offering a bursary to two visual artists  for vendor tables at the 2015 Spirit Plant Medicine Conference (, October 24 and 25 at UBC. This bursary is directed at visual artists whose work focuses on entheogen-inspired visionary themes and who would not otherwise be able to afford to purchase a vendor table […]

Kilindi Iyi and Deep Psychonautic Exploration

I’m excited to report that we’ve secured Kilindi Iyi as a presenter at this year’s Spirit Plant Medicine Conference, Oct. 24 and 25 at UBC in Vancouver. I was recently at a conference in Ashland, Oregon where Kilindi gave a brilliant presentation. Without a doubt it was the most enthusiastically received talk at the two-day […]

Spirit Plant Medicine Conference breaking news

Jonathan Thompson has been added to the conference presenter roster. Stephen Gray caught Jonathan’s extremely well-received Skype presentation on psychedelic parenting at a recent conference in Ashland, Oregon and invited him to reprise it for our conference in Vancouver. Jonathan will join us on Skype with a presentation called “5 Psychedelic Family Values”, an important […]

Deepening the Conversation: Authenticity and Illusion

Last year we put the title: “The Next Level: Deepening the Conversation” on the Spirit Plant Medicine Conference (SPMC) homepage. That title sprang from the intuition that in some important sense the ‘community’ of those working with entheogens had to some extent passed through an initial phase of discovery and it was time to roll […]

The Return of the Delphic Oracle

That title is a somewhat obscure (and slightly lighthearted) way of referring to a key development in work with the sacramental medicines. It might also be termed “the return of the sacred feminine”. As we all know, the wisdom and power of women has been severely throttled on this planet for a long time. But […]

A Strengthening Vision

  Greetings fellow workers and seekers of wisdom and healing. This is the first post of 2015 for the Spirit Plant Medicine Conference (SPMC). If you’re new to the conference you may want to take a look (under “Past Guides and Visionaries” at the SPMC website) at the list of remarkable people who have spoken […]