Tentative 2022 Schedule

(Subject to Change(s))

Friday November 4


11:00 – Registration Opens

12:30 – Doors open – exhibitors, vendors, art gallery open

1:15Theda Phoenix – meditative soundscapes

1:30 – Opening dedications, prayers, announcements

1:50-2:40Hanifa Washington – “Sacred Activism and Collective Liberation: A Story Sharing & Somatic                                    Experience”

2:45-3:35Chief Phil Lane Jr: – “Psychedelics, Clarogenics, and the Spiritual Qualities of a Healer: An Indigenous                      Perspective.”

3:35-4:05 – coffee/tea/exhibitor-time break

4:05-4:55Laurel Sugden and Josip Orlovac Del Río– “Huachuma Collective: Bio-cultural Sustainability for the                       San Pedro Cactus”

5:00-5:50Crystal Dawn, M.D. – “Emerging Science: The Neurochemical and Physiological Effects of Psilocybin                           and Ayahuasca.”

 5:50 – dinner

7:00Theda Phoenix – meditative soundscapes

7:15 – re-opening – re-dedication/prayers

7:30-8:20Wade Davis – “The Psychedelic Journey: Past, Present, Future”

 8:25-9:15Selma Holden, M.D. – “Building Resilience: Medicine Practices for Navigating Climate Crisis”

By Donation Bonus Special Feature

9:20 “Dosed 2: The Trip of a Lifetime” -a documentary by Nicholas Meyers and Tyler Chandler (84 minutes)                                              **this screening is not part of the online conference**




Saturday November 5


8:30 – doors open

9:15Theda Phoenix – meditative soundscapes

9:25 – opening remarks etc. – re-opening

9:30-9:40 – Gillian Maxwell and Richard Kay – Psychedelic Association of Canada update

9:40-10:00Paul Stamets and Pam Kryskow – inspirational message live from Florida.

10:05-10:40Miguel Carillo and don Rafael Pizano – “Protecting the Sacred Peyote Territory of Wirikuta for All                         Life on Earth.”

10:45-11:45Jamie Wheal – “Mapping the Mysto: Towards an Integrated Theory of High Weirdness”

11:45 – pre-lunch announcements

12:00 – lunch, book signings

12:25-1:05 – lunch hour mini-workshop – Philippe Lucas – “Psychedelic Use in Canada; Results of the Canadian                           Psychedelic Survey”

1:05 Theda Phoenix – meditative soundscapes


1:15-2:05Francine Douglas – “Swoxwiyam and Sqwelqwel: The Power of Indigenous Knowledge and Cultural                           Ceremonies for All”

2:10-3:00Chris Bache – “A Visionary Experience of the Birth of the Future Human”

3:00-3:20 – break – exhibitor/vendor tables open

3:20-3:35Vanessa Le-Fan Yuen – “Songs of Soul and Spirit”

3:40-4:30Belinda Eriacho – “The Turning of the Soil in the Time of Re-Awakening”

4:40-5:30Kelly Dunn and Josh Sarvis – “Master Plants as Mentors: How to Best Hear Their Message.”

5:30 – announcements, dinner

7:00Cannabis Ceremony – host Stephen Gray, with Theda Phoenix, Shine, Vanessa Le-Fan Yuen, and Odette              Slater

9:00-10:00Live music for dancingShine Edgar and Curtis Andrews with guest Vanessa Le-Fan Yuen


***Note: Clocks go back one hour tonight***



Sunday November 6


8:30 – doors open, exhibitors/vendors open

9:15Theda Phoenix – meditative soundscapes

9:30 – announcements etc.

9:45-10:35Jeremy Narby – “Plant Teachers: Ayahuasca, Tobacco, Cannabis” (live Zoom from Switzerland)

10:45-11:35 – Ariana Fotinakis – “Untangling from Colonization: An Indigenous Perspective on Restoring Our                               Relationship to the Land”

11:35 – announcements, lunch, books signings

12:20-1:05 – lunch hour mini-workshop – “Psychedelic Community Building” – Jamie Wheal in conversation with                         Michael Oliver.

1:05-1:15Theda Phoenix – meditative soundscapes

1:15-2:00Guujaaw – “Nature and Supernatural”

2:05-3:05Dennis McKenna – “BioGnosis: Building Bridges Between Ancestral Wisdom and Science”

3:05-3:20 – “Mini” break – vendor/exhibitor tables open

3:20-4:05April Liu – “Dreaming a New Story For Collective Healing”

4:10-5:00 Bruce Damer – “A Hopeful Human Future Found in the Directives of Deep Time”

5:00 – Expressions of gratitude and ceremonial closing

7:00 to… – VIP Dinner & After-Party (location TBA)